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Guangzhou Oucheng Technology Testing Co., Ltd. (OCT) is a third-party inspection, identification, testing and certification institution with rich experience. At present, the company cooperates with the third-party testing laboratories which have a considerable scale of Safety, EMC, R&TTE, ROHS and so on. At present, it has been recognized by many international certification bodies, including TUV in Germany, UL in the United States, ETL, CSA, Intertek/ITS/SEMKO in the United Kingdom, KEMA in the Netherlands, and has good cooperation with the national units of China Quality Certification Center on CCC and CQC projects. Oucheng not only has strong technical qualification and authorization, but also our engineers and business colleagues have high technical ability and professional service spirit. The engineers and business leaders of Oucheng Laboratory have the qualification certificates of practitioners of national import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions. They are a few laboratories in the industry that fully meet the national requirements and have professional qualifications. One is to provide you with "one-stop" services such as standard consultation, component selection, application document making, product testing, factory review, countermeasure rectification and certification, which will ensure that you can smoothly access the global market with the shortest time and the most reasonable cost.

Announcement Agency Cooperation: In order to better serve customers and enhance the professional competence of technicians, OCT maintains long-term business contacts and technical exchanges with international announcement agency, Italy ECM (NB1282), Turkish UDEM (NB2292), internationally renowned institutions TUV, SGS and Swiss QS (NB1254).

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